I can now taste my own name.

Oh my way back home from Asia, I stared a lot into the horizon from my airplane window. The immense view was so peaceful. My teacher tells me that the reason why nature is so beautiful is because it is so natural. This trip was natural. Even though it was scary at times, I challenged myself. Isn’t that why we travel?

I’ve been talking to many people about my trip and reverberations from the events are still very strong. My friend James was right. Going to the place where my mother died, meeting my biological mother, meeting my biological father’s kids, finding out that I am the spitting image of my biological father, spending time with a very special person who help take care of me, seeing cousins I haven’t seen in sixteen years, so much, so much.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been back. I’m standing a little taller, my speech is clearer, my interactions are more meaningful, I can now taste my true name.