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Faultlines: A New Journal of West Coast Poetry
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The Act of Contrition

It’s hard to exorcise bees
you must start at a young age
and answer only to quiet things,
a hum from the television,
a wick’s last spark,
a pulse from a yolk,
study the many hues
of yellow and black,
flight pattern
and eye lash,
climb atop a hill
and offer your body
as pollen, it is not
until then, their black
bean eyes appear and
your penance begins
with its sting.

Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua
from Faultlines, Vol 1, Number 1,
Paw Print Publishing 2012

The Disrobing

Deep within monastic walls
he wore his thick beliefs

like monks’ robes,
scratchy and warm.

They were worn the young rebel
inside decided to disrobe.

he did not listen.

He tossed off his beliefs
like heavy blankets.

The honesty that stripped him naked
became his single piece of clothing.

He was free to choose
new or none.

But now he is older
Winds blow colder

He can barely remember
how warm he used to feel.

Tony Pfannenstiel
Faultlines, Vol 1, Number 1

not your happy dance

Do that cute little dance for me,
not your happy dance, the goofy little rumpus
that you bust out on extra-special occasions
when entirely delighted, when you hum created
the one you haven’t thrown down
for many souls. You know that secret little bounce
and wiggle, head cocking from side to side,
that perfect shimmy, that sacred hustle,
when you puff your cheeks, roll your eyes nd make
those tiny squeaks in the back of your throat
I know you feel silly when I ask you for it,
but now that you’ve shown me
there’s not a whole lot else I can do.

Ryan Scariano
Faultlines, Vol 1, Number 1

Watermelon Seeds

It’s the summer Aunt Dot
is pregnant with Michael, and
my brother and I want answers.
We suspect that
Uncle Bill is involved.

So driving home from the visit
on the Saw Mill River Parkway,
hot air blowing over us
from the flaps of Dad’s ‘49
maroon dodge, we press them.

It’s best this way, them
in the front sea, us in the back.
They dont’ have to face us.
The only answer we get is
Uncle Bill planed a seed.

Later, standing at the window
of my upstairs bedroom, the moon
making a white path over the yard
I tried to picture it– Uncle Bill
out there, skulking in the shadows,
planting watermelon seeds.

I know this much.
it’s something done in secret,
something done at night.

Gail Barker
Faultlines, Volume 1, Number 1

Faultlines is a new Portland-based journal of West Coast poetry which includes work from 71 writers, both new and well-established poets. The subtitle of Faultlines is “Poems for People,” and editor Tony Pfannenstiel has aimed to present poems that are engaging and accessible. The voices of West Coast poets were given short shrift by the 20th century literary establishment, and Pfannenstiel wants to change that dynamic, presenting the voices and visions of the finest and freshest American poets on the Pacific Rim, both well known and emerging, young and old. Tune in to hear Tony and local poets Ryan Scariano, Kirby Light, Gail Barker, Elizabeth Ferguson, Susan Parman and, from Eugene, Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua, as they read their poems & talk with Barbara LaMorticella.