It’s nice to know that my friend Erik Muller was inspired to write a poem from reading a line in my poem called, “Sculptor’s Mother”

“A diary made of collected summers”
– Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua

I wish I had collected them.
I want those summers back again.

Brooks in shade: crawdad scoot,
the slip of salamander.

Heat making the woods
itch the skin.

Water of the Hudson murky,
It held us up.

Hardon and copperhead.
Boys responding to girls.

I badly wanted to lace my
hightops like counselor Gene’s.

The flag rose each day, each
evening lowered, to our salutes.

Ivan wondered what a wax-capped .22 blank
would do and blew a hole in his thumb.

(c) 2012 Erik Muller