| WISDOM SALMON | Once upon a fish time lived a special kind of salmon. They were strong like the orcas and as wise as the anemones. One day they found a fellow salmon lost in the deep ocean trenches swimming by herself. They saw how scared the salmon was and decided to help. Why are you lost dear sister salmon? Where is your school? “The humans have damned the rivers and gouged at the river walls, they’ve created machines with blades that swim faster than anyone one of us. They pour black skeleton oil in the river that is making us all dizzy, unable to find home.” With deep compassion, this special kind of salmon vowed to keep being reborn to help all salmon find their home. Despite their bodies telling them to stop, their scales go against their swim, their eyes come off its sockets, they still kept their vow. They’ve been given the name Wisdom Salmon. Because wisdom is born out of knowledge and kindness. So the next time someone asks you how salmon find their way home. Tell them this short story. | A story I just told a five year old kid. 🙂 Now I have a story about these ceramic salmon I have been creating. Score!!!

Greenware/ Unfired


What they look like glazed: