Going through some photos and listening to Kitchens of Distinction records. Oh, the memories.

Here are several pictures, it pictures the past
Here’s a pretty desert scene and here’s a sea of grass
Likely orchards and vacant lots, big men grinning and holding hands
All the time the season’s win and everything is lost

Something saids been said before but it’s often worth repeating
And all the times that made the world are slipping into forgetting
And how are you and what did you do before you started thinking?
And i am fine and shaky still this side of things gets clearer

I’ll never have the time to suffer my easy past
And i’ll never have a camera to disturb my rosy past
And i’ll never have a sober night whilst the drink lasts
Whilst it lasts…

Here is a picture. I guess he’s probably dead.
Here’s another picture the fantastic three off their heads
Ignore this western trip little thing, there’s so many other ideas
I live in the song lines of boys from all over the world

Something saids been said before and here am i repeating
That all the times that made my world, cannot be forgotten
And i’ll never have a camera to keep these lies.

And here am i sitting in the sun with burning skin and a big red book
And here are you on your holiday i wonder if you still look that way

These damn pictures i could forget things so quickly
But they’re always here and i cannot throw memories away
Here comes the stickler with his brand new polaroids

Here are several pictures and pictures mean the past
Here i go into fogginess all my past destroyed.