Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua grew up in Glendale, California. Sam has read for Isangmahal Arts Collective, NW Poets Conclave, Talking Earth, PoetsWest, Brigadoon Books, Fault Lines and Word Lab in Manila, Philippines. He is published by Vena Cava, Word Laboratories, Mixer Publishing, Concord, and Paw Print Publishing. His three-poem poster to promote his first chapbook Fawn Language is featured in the 25th Anniversary Showcase at Poets House in NewYork City. He is a member of Red Sofa Poets, sells photos for ebook/book covers, creates ceramics at Wonderlandcraft studio, and he lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Notes on the forthcoming Fawn Language chapbook:

“A strong gathering. The collection is fresh, warm, evocative and focused by several themes that capture Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua”  – Erik Muller

“A consistent, tender and insightful voice.”  – Toni Hanner

Reviews from his Ceramic Work:

These truly do hold an energy of all encompassing balance. there is a calm bundled tightly within them like a coiled spring ready to relaese. This is Sam’s poetry in a physical form. very insight-fully executed. – Katie Swenson

If you listened to his chest, you would probably hear this beautiful song: