Love, is a verb.

“What if…”


Back pocket photos

People :: Poet Toni Hanner

A walk around Portland.

Walking around Portland reminded me of when I worked in downtown Seattle, evening walks to Capitol Hill and Union Square. I remember taking the bus to the University, sipping coffee at Cafe Roma,… Continue reading

Take what is meaningful.

May this teaching deepen and be applied towards whatever religious, spiritual or philosophical tradition you belong to. It reminds me of what HH Dalai Lama said when he gave teachings in Madison, WI… Continue reading

“My backyard, it breathes me in.”


Have a sit, close your eyes and listen.

Trees – McKenzie River, OR

Metalsmith Exhibit :: Maude Kerns

Interesting work at Maude Kerns

Hey meditation practitioners, this one is for you!

I’m sure this wasn’t intended for meditators. But a great site for meditation practitioners and all those who could use a good break while working with computers all day! They say to “do… Continue reading

Life & living is just so damn beautiful right now. So hang on tight because it gets better.

Hero in my nightmare

I had a nightmare last night. You know, one of those nightmares that linger the following day? I don’t remember a lot of what happened. All I remember was there was this being… Continue reading

My type of lunchbox

Metaphys Ojue Lunch Box One lunchbox and chopsticks set. From books and laptops to cell-phones and digital cameras, the content of any bag is full of “vertical elements.” So why do conventional lunch… Continue reading

A slow wednesday with tea and a Rabbit

I finally made a list of the places I need to visit. Mostly Asia, then a trip to Europe. It’s been awhile since I have traveled and I am thinking about it more… Continue reading

On Peak Hill – Stars

I think my friend Morgan was right all along. If you open my chest you’d hear this song. By the way I miss her a lot. Some random thought of the day: –… Continue reading

Good Morning Lazarus #1

Good Morning Lazarus #1

A beautiful dance. I think this is the province where my birthfather is from.


I grew up watching the following robot animation shows. It’s very different from the ones kids watch these days. These days it’s less imagination for the poor kids. So many of them stuck… Continue reading

Sleepy Poets

The Star in the Hills – William Stafford

Listen to the audio here — The Star in the Hills – William Stafford A star hit in the hills behind our house up where the grass turns brown touching the sky. Meteors… Continue reading

Oh friday evening. Too beautiful again.

You & Many – Poem read at KLCC a loooooooong time ago.

Thank you Toni Hanner for inviting me read this “Mother’s Day” poem on our local radio station KLCC. 🙂 It’s funny that from all three pieces I read that day, they chose the… Continue reading


Yay. I get a mention in the Lane Literary Guild’s Website

Lane Literary Guild On December 23, local poets Joy McDowell, Michael Hanner, Sharon Munson, Nancy Carol Moody, Toni Hanner and Samuel Roderick Roxas-Chua read their poems for the sound archive, Oregon Poetic Voices Project.… Continue reading

Rainy day lunch with Joy – Downtown Eugene

Thursday and Grandmothers

I’m waking up a lot earlier now. Maybe it’s because of the winter months here in Oregon. Every morning, since the beginning of the new year I get up make myself some Iron… Continue reading

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