So beautiful.

I’ve been listening to this song every morning after practice. It’s so beautiful.

Where my mind has been all day today at work and in the studio.


Loving this so much.

Busy in the studio

Trail Mix Dark Chocolate ^6 Unfired : : 2011


Arizona Shooting

So sad to hear about the shooting. My thoughts go out to all who are affected. May those who seek to harm and carry ill intentions cease.  

Beautiful Church Bells at 7PM

While walking to the car after a great dinner at Izakaya Meiji Japanese Pub, we were greeted with a daily 7PM church bell ring. So beautiful to hear this.

Packing A Suitcase | AM Writing Prompt

The Last Fire

Radio In The Woods [The Winter Typewriter Mix]

Cueba Series – Not for sale


Michael & Toni Hanner – Poets

Mary Hindman – Ceramic Artist

Oregon Poetic Voices

On December 23, 2010 I read for Oregon Poetic Voices along with┬áToni Hanner, Michael Hanner, Joy McDowell, Nancy Carol Moody and Sharon Munson. It was privilege to read amongst published poets. I’ll update… Continue reading


Asian American

Asian American   I look for you in songs, in jewelry, in photographs. I look for you on my tongue, in drawers, in trinket boxes, behind the lamp, the door, in the pocket… Continue reading

Honoring you today.

A few days before the new year…

It’s truly been awhile since the holiday spirit was in my bones. Ever since our mother’s death on December 28, 2005, it’s never been the same; nor will it ever be. Then something… Continue reading

Story Room – A Collaboration

A collaboration. Words by Sam Roderick Music by Christian Miller Inspired by Marsha Barr’s Studio – Eugene, OR  

21 Teacups Project